An O-ring seal is a seal made of an elastomeric O-ring and a gland intended to prevent the loss of fluid or gas from within the cylinders. The assembly consists of the doughnut-shaped ring – circular cross-sectionring molded from rubber and a gland which is usually cut into a rigid material such as metal.

Any gas/liquid contained in a container must be imprisoned with the help of strong rubber seals which are essentially incompressible, viscous fluids having high surface tension. The O-ring seal yields of a softer material that are wholly or partially confined between two harder members of the assembly.

Let us have a look at the peculiar characteristics of O-Ring:

  • There is no smearing or retightening with O-Ring.
  • The chances of structural damage are negligible as there is no critical torque on tightening.
  • It is cost-effective, lightweight and requires very little room.
  • O-Ring can be re-used unlike the other non-elastic rubber seals or crush type gadgets.
  • The seal is perfectly leak-proof for cylinders having fluid pressure up to 5000 psi
  • An O-Ring seals alternatively with pressure on one side and then on another.
  • For proper sealing action, O-Ring seals are radially compressed between the bottom of the seal groove and cylinder wall.
  • The O-Ring seals can be made to seal satisfactorily between reciprocating cylinders and pistons at any fluid pressure up to 5000 psi.
  • Interestingly, the O-Ring material allows it to be housed in a groove cut in the cylinder wall without any change in the seal performance.
  • O-Ring seals do not require any special assembly tools and can be stretched over large diameters for installation.
  • Seals made of O-Rings are extremely dependable due to their ruggedness and simplicity.
  • Cylinders with O-Ring seals are free from the loss and mishaps due to loss/leakage of gas or fluid. Industries prefer buying O-Ring seals online to order bulk quantities as it allows the buyer to select from the various O-Ring sizes available.

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