Specialty Valves are really dominating the valve industry as the flawless specifications they adhere to are difficult to attain.Sherwood Valves is a trusted manufacturer of such high-quality valves and complies with strict manufacturing and testing processes while the production of its valves.

The 5983L Series made of s are spring loaded and packed wrench operated. These specialty valves are designed for use in corrosive gasses and tube trailer application as well as gas service. While you require uncompromising quality of valves for specialty gas applications, here are the features of 5983 series valves to fit into your specifications:

  • These spring loaded valves are made of 303 stainless steel
  • The valves can be operated with the help of a wrench
  • Due to their live loaded packing design, the valves provide constant load that ensures stem seal for the life of the valve
  • They are easy to operate, leak resistant and durable too with the PTFE packing
  • The body of these valves is designed to withstand extreme internal and external conditions
  • They possess one-piece stainless steel stem that provides positive shutoff in corrosive gas services with exceptional durability

  • JTC Valves is a provider of Sherwood valves and ensure quality products to its customers. We, as a team believes in extending our contribution to the industry by the means of high-quality valves and regulators. Please visit our website to have a look at our offerings or call us at 440-346-1259 to order your requirements. We will ship your product the same day!