JTC Valve Sales is an authorized reseller of industrial gas valves. JTC Valve Sales possesses years of experience in serving various industries with high-quality, durable, and performance-efficient valves.Valves are critical components in the compressed gas industry and must properly function to serve their purpose best.

All valves available on our online store are built with maximum dexterity and are manufactured by trusted and well-known industrial valve manufacturers, like Sherwood and Rego.

We supply a wide variety of valves, including:

  • LPG Valves
  • Cylinder Valves
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Valves
  • Acetylene Valves
  • Medical Valves
  • And many more

The valves we offer to our customers can serve almost all segments of the compressed gas industry, as well as chemical, cryogenic, medical, and semi-conductor applications.

JTC carries only valves that comply with all the necessary guidelines and specifications laid out by international valve performance standards, as to prevent them from failing during critical applications.

We are a team of valve technicians, who are well experienced in valve installations and repairs.

For more information regarding our valves, please visit us at:, or call (440)346-1259.