In the past, hoses manufactured with rubber were designed for hydraulic uses. But when these hoses were exposed to carbon dioxide, they could not hold out against deterioration. On inspecting reasons for this,it was found that the reinforcing braids and fittings made from carbon steel were susceptible to corrosion from the carbonic acid (formed from combination of CO2 and moisture). This led to cracks in the hoses due to cold temperatures associated with the CO2 transfer.

Some time later, stainless steel hoses were introduced. These proved better than their predecessors at remaining flexible in the cold, but were much harder and heavier. Additionally, corrugation inside the metal hoses sometimes trapped solid CO2 ice, interrupting CO2 transfer.

The latest innovation was Polar Hoses, which were specifically built for bulk CO2 transfer. The elastomer used in the manufacturing of these hoses is perfectly compatible with CO2 and low temperatures. These CO2 hoses have stainless steel braids and corrosive fittings that offer durability and strength. Polar hoses are light-weight, flexible, and have strong pipes; they are the best for bulk CO2 transfer.

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