Some people have the innate ability to blow up balloons with ease. Frankly, we are not these people! However, balloon inflators help.While the usual oval balloons don’t cause too much trouble, there are many different, complex, and difficult shapes. These can be especially challenging.

If you are using a balloon air pump to blow up your balloons, ensure that balloons are always away from your eyes and face. Eliminate the possiblity of injury from bursting balloons, and the hassle, with our balloon inflators. Take the E2000HT latex balloon inflator model, for example. This filler features an auto shut-off mechanism, which lets you get perfect balloons while reducing product loss. The E2000HT allows you to mix air (40%) with helium (60%) with a hand-tight connection. It can be used for balloons sizing 11 inches or larger.

Here are some tips to inflate the more specific balloon shapes out there, animal balloons!

  • Heat up the balloon by rubbing it between your hands.
  • Then inflate the ears by closing the other open ends of balloons. This will direct the air into one ear which will cause the other to inflate automatically.
  • Similarly, inflate the head, and then inflate the body.

  • Inflating specially figured balloons with a mouth is almost impossible. A helium latex balloon filler or inflator will ease your job and quickly create wonderful balloons. We are a leading provider of balloon fillers. Our dependable and efficient products are worth the investment. Place your order by reaching out at 440-346-1259. Visit to choose the best balloon filler for you.